Real number

There are two words REAL AND NUMBER.we all of us know that there are various types of numbers like.         





But what is the significance of word REAL.

That means if real word exist that means there should be another words that is called IMAGINARY.

square root of 2 is real number.

But square root of(-2)is imaginary number.

And .

Real+imaginary=complex number.

In class 10 you Will read only about only real number like 123,-1.-2.-3,0.1,0.2,root of 2

Imaginary number are like root of -2.they are denoted by (i) and square of i is -1.

I hope you are satisfied

When will free trail class for class 11 start

For mathematics class is going to start at 6 pm 27 December 2020

How can I improve my geometrical section and my menstruational section in maths?

One of the most interesting part of mathematics is geometry.just correlate the structure of shape with each other you will get easier trick to know the formula how they are coming from..after understanding the formula your menstruation al section will become automatically strong

How do I score good marks in science class 9?

Science is a practical and theoretical knowledge.when you will be able to correlate all your books concept with your surroundings object then there will be not necessary to muggup all formula and concept.and will be strong in those sections automatically Your marks will be improve

Chemical substances how to make

How to make a chocolate CADBURY DAIRY MILK?

IF YOU EAT this chocolate a small piece or a very big piece in any where either in delhi or kolkata there will be no difference in taste.that means the ratio of milk, water,sugar and other things is remain same in its small piece or a very big piece.

In such a way if we analyse the substance WATER where ever you take it from either ganga river or yamuna river or any other river in any thing either in glass or a big jar it's taste do not vary because of same ratio of hydrogen and oxygen.

So In such a way chemical substances is made so that there properties do not vary with place and amount.

What are the important topics for 10th mathematics for board exams

Algebra, trigonometry, geometry , mensuration and probability are most important topic for scoring marks but if you want to be a topper then must have to make  cammand in each and every topic because all are related to each other

What are the best ways to prepare for class 10th board exam (CBSE)?

Topic wise questions bank+ syllabus+time table + make short notes for quick revision+ some physical exercise to reduce stress+proper sleep these are the best tools to prepare for examination in a best way

How do I get a good score in maths in the Class 10 board exams?

Good score= good strategy+topic wise questions bank practice+short notes for formula+give  time per day to mathematics+ physical exercise to fresh your mind and you will definitely achieve a good marks

How do I answer social science questions properly in 10th class board exam?

First of all you need to read question and understand what they're asking

Then always know three things about any topic these are ( introduction+body+conclusion)

Make short notes of topic in point basis and read them multiple times

Expain about different habitats from chapter 1 matters in our surroundings?

Habitat=place where we live 

Mostly two types

aquatic=aqua meansWATER=ocean,pond lake, rivers etc

Territorial= means Land=forests, desert mountain,bank of the river etc

Brief about the chapter sound?

Sound is an energy

Sound propagate(means aage badna) in wave form 

Wave form means aapne kabhi patther fenka hai taalaab main

After throwing stones you can see circular wave 

When you want to walk you need a medium which is called land 

In such a way to propagate sound they need air , water and land which is called medium

Islia moon per air no hone ki wajah se we are not be able to heard sound on moon

What are the best ways to prepare for class 10th board exam (CBSE)?

Plan a. Good strategy for reading

Morning+ afternoon+evening

Each having three hour study 

Also one hour revision in night before sleeping of what you have read on that day

Take a sleep of not less than eight hour  

Always study your weak topic when strongly feel to read mostly morning time is the best 

EAT good foods not junkies

How do I write answers in Class 10 Social Studies?




These three are most basic format of writing any questions of social studies

Read carefully what questions asking to you 

In case if you're  not understand the question never left the paper blank any how 

Write any thing whatever you know about that topic

Because something is better than nothing

Name the particles which determine the mass of an atom.


the electrons present in it has very less mass as compared to that of proton and hence it is not considered while calculation Atomic mass.

Mass of a Electron = (1/1849) times of proton 

So The mass is protons and neutrons present in a atom is only considered as the mass of an atom 

Atomic mass = mass of neutron+ mass of proton.

Write the classification of resources on four different bases.


Resources can be classified in the following four ways:
(a) On the basis of Origin:

  • Biotic
  • Abiotic

(b) On the basis of exhaustibility:

  • Renewable
  • Non-renewable

(c) On the basis of ownership:

  • Individual (Personal)
  • Community
  • National
  • International

(d) On the basis of status and development:

  • Potential
  • Developed
  • Reserve
  • Stock

How do I plan to study for class 12 boards?

Follow rule of 8+8+8

That means  8 hour study,8hour sleep and 8 hour mind fresh

Don't read one subject in all day 

Take three subject in a day each of two hour

And make short notes for revision and revise them before sleeping that is the best way t prepare your examination

How is life after failing in the 12th board exams?

First of all don't think about fail 

Do your best and don't take stress too much 

Plan your study and implement them 

All the best

What is the importance of the CBSE 12th result?

This results will give you an opportunity to enrolled in good college also eligible you to enrolled in various compitition examination like iit jee medical and also help in future planning so work hard and prepare for good score    all the best

Is it easy to score 90% in CBSE class 12th?

YES.  But you have to work hard 

And revision revision and revision dialy

How to pass the 12th board exam?

Take equal weightage to all subjects

Give some more time to your weak subject 

And always make a very short notes and revise them daily after sleeping

How to top CBSE 12th board exam?

Cover whole syllabus in proper manner

And practice daily 

Shall I start my preparation for 11th and JEE or wait for board exams to get over

Definately you must have to start your preparation from 11th class ,but to take admission in IIT college  you must have to fulfill minimum criteria of percentage in class 12 so you give priority to board and also continue your preparation

Sabdarupani sanskrit

शब्द रूप संस्कृत – Shabd Roop In Sanskrit

सुबन्त-प्रकरण संस्कृत में मूल शब्द या मूल धातु का प्रयोग वाक्यों में नहीं होता है। वहाँ मूल शब्द को प्रातिपदिक कहते हैं, किन्तु हर शब्द की प्रातिपदिक संज्ञा (प्रातिपदिक नाम) नहीं होती है।

Kirchol ka niyam

When the bridge is balanced, no current will flow through galvanometer

Which is the best coaching for cbse class 10

take some trial class of different then finally decide which teacher is good for you

Mai sari classes attend karna chata hu

I will be better to start soon so that you complete your syllabus as soon as possible

What is chord

In plane geometry, a chord is the line segment joining two points on a curve. The term is often used to describe a line segment whose ends lie on a circle.

Semiconductor qualitative ideas

Semiconductor is just like a semi final match if substance got some mobile electron than it will behave like conductor and at any particular situation if they didn't get mobile electron then it will behave like as an insulator

semiconductors and insulators (qualitative ideas only) Notes

Semiconductor is just like a semi final match if substance got some mobile electron than it will behave like conductor and at any particular situation if they didn't get mobile electron then it will behave like as an insulator