How do I plan to study for class 12 boards?

First finish your all syllabus from ncert book and other reference. Then before 1 months of your exam start studying from sample paper. 

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Wake up at 6 A.M.  and start reading up to 11 A.M. Take food and go to washroom in this time also. Then relax up to 11.30 A.M. At 12 P.M. take bath and continue reading. Take launch at 1 P.M. or 1.30 P.M. and then continue reading up to 5 P.M. Play outdoor games from 5 to 6.30 P.M. At 6.30 P.M. continue reading up to 9.30 P.M. Then take dinner and go to bed at 11 A.M. No need for study at midnight. Follow this routine every day.  Never think how many hours you have studied. 

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You should now focus on CUET Exams since they will help you get to a good university. Getting above 60% in class 12 Boards will be enough.

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First of all you can pass 12 board exam you make a Daily, weekly, monthly plan of study and follow the plan 

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Follow rule of 8+8+8

That means  8 hour study,8hour sleep and 8 hour mind fresh

Don't read one subject in all day 

Take three subject in a day each of two hour

And make short notes for revision and revise them before sleeping that is the best way t prepare your examination

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