Fibres are thin and small cannot be made into a fabric directly. So they are first converted into yarns which are longer, thicker and stronger.
 A yarns is a continuous strand made up of a number of fibres which are twisted together.

(i)    Yarn making
 The process of making yarns from fibres is called spinning. Here the fibres are not only twisted but also pulle out or drawn.
 The spinning process helps to hold the fibres together and makes the yarns strong, smooth and fine. Spinning can be done by using a takli(spindle), a charkha or a spinning machine.

AIM : To show no. of strands in yarn. 
Material required : A yarn of cotton fabric.
Method : Place this piece of yarn on the table. Now, press one end of the yarn with your thumb. Scratch the other end of the yarn along its length with your nail as shown. This yarn splits up into no. of strands.

Fabric are made using yarns. Fabric is the material that is used to make clothing or household articles.