5.    To measure the thickness of a coin.
Take ten coins and put them one over another. Find the total thickness of ten coins with the help of a scale. Divide the total thickness by the number of coins.

6.    To measure the length of any curved line using divider
To measure the length of curved lines we have to use divider. Let there be a curved line AB. Open the legs ofthe divider to cover some convenient distance, say 5 mm. Place one leg of the divider at one. End of the curved line. Put the other leg on the line. Now count the number of times the divider has to be taken along the line to cover the entire length of line AB. At the end, some portion of line may be left out, being less than the distance between the two legs. Measure it separately by adjusting the divider. Multiply the number of complete steps by the distance between the two legs. Add the length of the remaining distance to this length. You will get the total length of curved line.

7.    Write name of the objects which are in rest and motion. 
A school bag, a mosquito, a table, people sitting on desks, people moving around? May be a butterfly, dog, cow, your hand, a small baby, a fish in water, a house, a factory, a stone, a horse, a ball, a bat, a moving train, a sewing machine, a wall clock, hands of a clock? Make your list as large as you can. Which of these are moving? Which are at rest?
Objects at rest         Objects in motion
    House                        A flying bird
    Table                Second's hand of the clock