Are NCERT science books good for class 6?

NCERT books are important since they will help you as per the CBSE syllabus. In class 6th onwards exams and assignment are suppose to use all questions only from NCERT and no where else

what is the difference between angle of triangle and square

The angle of a triangle can be greater than or equal to 60 deg
But angle of a square is always 90 deg

What is best book for IIT preparation for 6 class?

For class 6 you should refer to NCERT since all schools are supposed to follow that. 

Maths: RS Agarwal is good
Science if you are planning to prepare for JEE Pearson IIT Foundation Series
Hindi: Sachitra Hindi Vyakaran
EVS you can go for Oswaal

Which is the best science book for the CBSE for class 6?

For Class 6 NCERT has all the information which you are required to learn but the explanation is not up to marks so if you wish to excel in future for competitive exams you have to use some reference books below are some best books which you should use in science for class 6

  1. Oswaal Books Question Banks
  2. IIT foundation book by BMA
  3. JEE Pearson IIT Foundation Series

Which is the best book of maths for class 6?

it is best if you complete ncert book along with that you can also opt for problem book of mathematics grade 6 again published by makes your concept more clear.Along with these two other options are also available in market like Cambridge publishers and Ratna sagar publishers.

Which is the best guide for class 7th CBSE?

for cbse we will advice you to use NCERT

What is meant by mixed forest?

when the forest is having multiple species of trees it is called mixed forest


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what is wind

Moving air is called wind. We can use this property of air and can use wind energy to produce electricity.

How to score above 85 percent in 10th class in CBSE?

To score above 85 % in cbse you have to cover full NCERT syllabus. Along with that it's good if you are guided by some personal coaching tutor. So that your concepts are clear. 

Which is the best coaching for cbse class 10

Buy Kaysons foundation vods for better understanding of concepts and sure shot result in jee or neet. 

What is a even number

an even number is a number that is divisible by 2.

What Is Water Conservation?

ON earth we have almost 70% water but all that water cannot be used in day to day life. Only 1% of water is in its usable form. Conservation of water means to effectively use water so that we can survive on the planet.

How crystals of copper sulphate are prepared.

Take a beaker filled with water and add a few drops of dilute suphuric acid.

Heat the water.

During this process stir continuously.

Continue adding copper sulphate powder till no more powder can be dissolved.

Filter the solution.

Leave it for cooling.

The crystals will separate out.

Why normal water is good conductor of electricity but distilled water is not

Distilled water does not contains ions so it cannot conduct electricity

Which is the best coaching for JEE

Kaysons is the best online coaching for JEE. 

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What is reproduction

The process by which new individuals are produced from the parents is called reproduction

How do I plan to study for class 12 boards?

You should now focus on CUET Exams since they will help you get to a good university. Getting above 60% in class 12 Boards will be enough.

मैं अच्छे मार्क्स कैसे ला सकता हूं

अच्छे मार्क्स लाने से आपका क्या मतलब है मेरे हिसाब से 70 75% मार्क्स अच्छे मार्क्स होते हैं लेकिन आगे बढ़ने के लिए आपको एक कॉलेज में एडमिशन कराना बहुत आवश्यक होता है अच्छा कॉलेज आपको तब मिलेगा जब आप CUET का एग्जाम क्रॉस करेंगे उसे क्रॉस करने के लिए कृपया करके इनरोल करें केशंस एकेडमी के क्लास में

How to prepare for 12th board in one month?

To prepare for 12th board examination in one month you are required to join a good crash course after preparation with the 12th crash course you will be thorough with the subject knowledge as well as you will get hands-on experience in solving big and major problems and to face an exam like situation and you can excel in your 12th board examination

What is reproduction

The process by which new individuals are produced from the parents is called reproduction

How to pass the 12th board exam?

You should now focus on CUET Exams since they will help you get to a good university. Getting above 60% in class 12 Boards will be enough.

Kirchol ka niyam

किरचॉफ के सर्किट कानून दो समानताएं हैं जो विद्युत सर्किट के गांठ वाले तत्व मॉडल में वर्तमान और संभावित अंतर से निपटते हैं। उन्हें पहली बार 1845 में जर्मन भौतिक विज्ञानी गुस्ताव किरचॉफ द्वारा वर्णित किया गया था। इसने जॉर्ज ओम के काम को सामान्यीकृत किया और जेम्स क्लर्क मैक्सवेल के काम से पहले।

What is the importance of the CBSE 12th result?

Marks of class 12th are not that relevant most relevant thing is crossing one entrance examination 12th marksheet is just required and it is just submitted when you are appearing for some interview but it is never checked again so you should focus on clearing some entrance examination like CUET

Full course required

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How is life after failing in the 12th board exams?

You need to prepare hard for your entrance examination but neglecting your 12th board is very bad you are supposed to class 12th at least 70% of marks it is very important for you because 12th exams come once in your life so study well prepare hard join kaysons Academy

How bad is getting 75% in the CBSE 12th boards?

75% मार्क्स 12वीं कक्षा के इम्तिहान में बहुत अच्छे माने जाते हैं कि कहीं तक बुरे मार्क्स नहीं है पर अगर आप थोड़ी और कोशिश करें आपके अंदर जुनून है आपके अंदर जज्बा है तो आप 90% मार्क्स भी ला सकते हैं आप को कोई रोक नहीं सकता

What are the important topics for 12th mathematics for board exams

The list of important topics

  1. Differential Calculus
  2. Coordinate Geometry

A light metal disc on the top of an electromagnet is thrown up as the current is switched on. Why?

the induced current in the form of Eddies flows through the metal plate