How to score above 85 percent in 10th class in CBSE?

if you want achieve 85 % then you should make your strategy regarding your weak subjects so that you can tackle them smartly for this purpose firstly make friendly time table which can provide you regularity as well as consistency after that you should revise those portion repeatedly which will be important for your syllabus and also you can apply on your weak subject so that you can gain more knowledge and self confidence.

  1. - Revision.
  2. focus on your doubt clearance with the help of your school teacher or tuition teacher.
  3. More practice of your chapter exercise and any  reference book questions  Exercise.
  4. Take self test with integrated mind.
  5. join any test series regarding your board which will provide you experience and also boost your speed (Time Managements)

just follow the NCERT book. solve all the questions.

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To score above 85 % in cbse you have to cover full NCERT syllabus. Along with that it's good if you are guided by some personal coaching tutor. So that your concepts are clear. 

To get above 85  percentage in class 10 I'll advise you to follow NCERT strictly because none of the questions are asked outside NCERT for class 10 board especially in CBSE