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Apple ?

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How crystals of copper sulphate are prepared.?

Take a beaker filled with water and add a few drops of dilute suphuric acid.

Heat the water.

During this process stir continuously.

Continue adding copper sulphate powder till no more powder can be dissolved.

Filter the solution.

Leave it for cooling.

The crystals will separate out.

What is eye of cyclone?

central circular region formed by cyclone is called eye of cyclone. it is comparatively calm area . and diameter can vary from 10km -30km.

What is meant by mixed forest?

when the forest is having multiple species of trees it is called mixed forest

Why normal water is good conductor of electricity but distilled water is not?

Distilled water is pure water it doesn't  contain any ions . Ions are very essential to conduct electricity . therefore it doesn't conducts electricity


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