Class 7 builds upon Class 6 and goes deeper into the topics as the subjects remain the same. The subjects i.e., Maths, Science, Social Science, English and the second language remains the same. Science works further on the physics, chemistry, biology. English extends to aspects of grammar, comprehension and composition. Social Science contains history, civics and geography. While class 6 works on the basics, it goes on defining the topics even more and puts emphasis on the more important subjects.


Equations, Triangles, Practical Geometry, Algebra are some important topics in the subject of Math. A lot of problem solving skills come into the scene. Science will introduce nutrition, heat, acid, bases and salts, respiration, transportation, reproduction. The concepts of motion, light and electric current are further built from the end of class 6.  English moves from mainly stories to grammar, comprehension and composition. This is a very important phase for all the learner of English. History discusses the past rulers of this nation, communities, culture, devotion and political formation of 18th century at last. Media, Advertising and markets are introduced alongside the functioning of government and its role. Geography keeps on expanding the notion of life and environment in various places of earth. Hindi puts focus on grammar and comprehension. 


E-learning brings with it the facility of education services such as books, notes, videos with detailed analysis. It takes care of the entire syllabus via a well-defined process of learning. The explanations are made easy to comprehend with various modes - books, graphics, videos and presentation. While the learning is made comprehensive, regular tests are conducted to keep track of the students. The students also complete assignments in between. The students are allowed to choose among various modes of learning and facilities. The modes are online live classes, video on demand, classroom education and so on.



  • Online Live classes include regular scheduled classes as per the provided timetable by professional faculties where students can attend as per their own convenience.
  • The instructor sets a time table based on which online classes are conducted.
  • As per the systematic schedule, subjects are taught and queries are clarified in doubt clearing sessions. It also engages students to discuss various topics with teachers.
  • Online tests are also conducted after each chapter for assessing the student’s understanding. This helps the student to identify and work on the weak areas.
  • Study guide is provided to complete chapters in time as well as give enough time for quick revision.


  • Video on Demand has recorded lectures efficiently completing the syllabus. They can also access the video lectures in their flexible timings.
  • There are further mock tests and a systematic evaluation for the students to do self-assessment. This helps the student to prepare for the exam situations.
  • Students are taught about preparation strategies as well to understand subject wise question patterns.
  • The right combination of theory and practice helps student learn efficiently and stay interested.


  • Self-Study mode provides excellent study materials with important strategies and tips for revision.
  • The video tutorials are ensured to give complete explanations.
  • The syllabus is covered properly to ensure there are no missing links with the aid of a time table.
  • Complete personalized doubt clarification is provided to address various issues regarding different topics.
  • Assignments and Mock tests are performed to test student’s comprehension of the topics.


  • Classroom mode is the most complete which provides direct interactive sessions with the mentors alongside other facilities.
  • Effective study materials are provided with the right blend of theory, problems and guides.
  • Doubt clarification is done along with imparting advanced learning techniques to students.
  • The syllabus is covered with proper conceptual clarity.
  • Assignments and tests are regularly conducted to test student’s understanding.

The faculties in all the mediums are checked to ensure they have the appropriate experience.