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How to score above 85 percent in 10th class in CBSE?

if you want achieve 85 % then you should make your strategy regarding your weak subjects so that you can tackle them smartly for this purpose firstly make friendly time table which can provide you regularity as well as consistency after that you should revise those portion repeatedly which will be important for your syllabus and also you can apply on your weak subject so that you can gain more knowledge and self confidence.

  1. - Revision.
  2. focus on your doubt clearance with the help of your school teacher or tuition teacher.
  3. More practice of your chapter exercise and any  reference book questions  Exercise.
  4. Take self test with integrated mind.
  5. join any test series regarding your board which will provide you experience and also boost your speed (Time Managements)

Which is the best online class for class 10 cbse?

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What is meant by the term speciation? ?


To understand speciation, the meaning of species should be clear first. Species is the smallest unit in the hierarchy of classification of organisms. It is a group of organisms that share a genetic heritage; are able to interbreed and create fertile offspring. Two different species are separated from each other by reproductive barriers. In simple words, speciation is the process of formation of species. It is a process within evolution that leads to formation of new reproductively isolated distinct species. These new species evolve by genetic modifications, accumulation of variations over a long period of time.  For example,  Tiger (Panthera tigris) and Lion (Panthera leo) are two different species within a genus.

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Write the classification of resources on four different bases.?


Resources can be classified in the following four ways:
(a) On the basis of Origin:

  • Biotic
  • Abiotic

(b) On the basis of exhaustibility:

  • Renewable
  • Non-renewable

(c) On the basis of ownership:

  • Individual (Personal)
  • Community
  • National
  • International

(d) On the basis of status and development:

  • Potential
  • Developed
  • Reserve
  • Stock

How do I write answers in Class 10 Social Studies?




These three are most basic format of writing any questions of social studies

Read carefully what questions asking to you 

In case if you're  not understand the question never left the paper blank any how 

Write any thing whatever you know about that topic

Because something is better than nothing

How do I answer social science questions properly in 10th class board exam?

First of all you need to read question and understand what they're asking

Then always know three things about any topic these are ( introduction+body+conclusion)

Make short notes of topic in point basis and read them multiple times

How do I get a good score in maths in the Class 10 board exams?

Good score= good strategy+topic wise questions bank practice+short notes for formula+give  time per day to mathematics+ physical exercise to fresh your mind and you will definitely achieve a good marks

What are the best ways to prepare for class 10th board exam (CBSE)?

Topic wise questions bank+ syllabus+time table + make short notes for quick revision+ some physical exercise to reduce stress+proper sleep these are the best tools to prepare for examination in a best way


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Science &maths?

we take mathematics for the the upcoming board exam 2021 for scoring higher percentile in subject take our trial class….

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Class X math?

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Do I need foundation if I want to clear NEET?

Basic concepts of need to be revised from biology , chemistry and physics . Take guidance from some experienced teacher.


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What are the important topics for 10th mathematics for board exams?

The most important topics are Algebra, Trigonometry and Mensuration….if u want to score centum in mathematics board exam  u need to do more problems other than the textbook required… if u want more details join my free trial class…..within 3 months we will be able to complete full syllabus…and required practice… Contact: 8939949816, 9884049816

Chemical substances how to make?

A chemical substance is made by combination of different elements or by combination of same elements.

Chemical substances how to make?

How to make a chocolate CADBURY DAIRY MILK?

IF YOU EAT this chocolate a small piece or a very big piece in any where either in delhi or kolkata there will be no difference in taste.that means the ratio of milk, water,sugar and other things is remain same in its small piece or a very big piece.

In such a way if we analyse the substance WATER where ever you take it from either ganga river or yamuna river or any other river in any thing either in glass or a big jar it's taste do not vary because of same ratio of hydrogen and oxygen.

So In such a way chemical substances is made so that there properties do not vary with place and amount.


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Real number?

There are two words REAL AND NUMBER.we all of us know that there are various types of numbers like.         





But what is the significance of word REAL.

That means if real word exist that means there should be another words that is called IMAGINARY.

square root of 2 is real number.

But square root of(-2)is imaginary number.

And .

Real+imaginary=complex number.

In class 10 you Will read only about only real number like 123,-1.-2.-3,0.1,0.2,root of 2

Imaginary number are like root of -2.they are denoted by (i) and square of i is -1.

I hope you are satisfied

What is reproduction?

The biological process by which new individual organisms are produced from the older ones is called Reproduction. Generally, two forms of reproduction i.e. asexual (vegetative) and sexual (gametic) are known. In asexual reproduction, an organism can reproduce without the involvement of another organism while in sexual reproduction an offspring is produced from a pre existing  organism only when another organism is involved.  

What is reproduction?

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What is reproduction?

Creating similar types of species by some natural biological processes is called reproduction

Real number?

Any number whose some values on real axis i.e x-axis are called real numbers. They are positive in side square root. They can must be represent on x-axis.

Real number?

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