A hair like strand from which all fabrics are made, are know as fibres.


(a)    Natural Fibres : 
 Fibres obtained from plants and  animals are called natural fibres. For example cotton, jute, wool and silk.
 (i)    Plant fibres : The fibres obtained from plants are known as plant fibres 
        Example : cotton, jute
 (ii)   Animal fibres : The fibres obtained from animal are known as animal fibres.
         Example : wool and silk
(b)    Semi-synthetic fibres :
        These are obtained from naturally occurring fibres by chemical modifications. For example, cellulose on reaction with acetic anhydride in the  presence of concentrated sulphuric acid gives cellulose diacetate, which is used for making threads of acetate and other materials like films and glasses.
(c)    Synthetic (artificial) fibres :
        Synthetic fibres are manufactured by man in the laboratories. For example: nylon, acrylic and polyester.