Types of Motion
(i)    Random Motion : Motion having no specific path
    Example : Motion of butterfly, Motion of kite.

(ii)    Translational  Motion : Motion in which all particles of a moving body describes identical trajectory. 
(a)    Rectilinear Motion : When a body moves in straight line, it is known as rectilinear motion. It is also called linear motion. 
Example : The motion of a moving car, a person running, a stone being dropped, motion of a train on a straight track

(b)    Curvilinear Motion : When a body moves in a curve path, it is known as curvilinear motion.
        Example :  Car moving on a curved road.

(c)    Circular Motion : When a body moves in a circular path, its motion is known as circular motion. In circular motion, the object remains at the same distance from a fixed point.
Example : Motion of the tip of the clock’s arm, motion of the earth around the sun, motion of blades of fan.

(iii)    Rotational Motion : Motion in which a whole body move about an axis is called a rotational motion.
Example : Motion of top, Rotation of earth  

(iv)    Periodic Motion : Motion in which an object repeats its motion after a fixed interval of time is called periodic motion.
Examples : 
(ii) Motion of a swing.    

(a) Oscillatory Motion : The to and fro periodic motion of a body about a fixed point is called oscillatory motion.
Example : The motion of a simple pendulum, a body suspended from a spring (also called to and fro motion).