How do poriferan animals differ from coelenterate animals?

Poriferans are animals that have numerous pores (i.e., pori) on their body. Generally we know them as Sponges. They may be either  marine or freshwater animals. They have a body fixed witha a substratum like rock, wood etc. Examples- Sycon, Glass-rope sponge, Hexactenellida etc . Food enters through numerous body pores (ostia) and  undigested matterexits through the single big axial pore (osculum)

Coelenterates are animals which have a body cavity as their digestive system (coel- body cavity or coelom; enteron- gut). These animals have numerous cnidoblast cells (spine cells) on their body. These animals are also called Cnidarians (cnidi-spines or thorns). Examples- Hydra, Obelia, Aurelia etc. Food enters through mouth (also called Hypostome) and undigested matter exits through it also.