Advantages of Self Study Program by EduMple

Excellent study materials by experts

Students get effective study guides along with study strategy covering all prospects of the syllabus. This helps in the quick revision process for scholars.

Complete personalized doubt clarification

The Self-study plan of CBSE Class 6 helps to administer demonstrated doubt clearing for distinct queries and issues relating to topics.

Efficient video tutorials

Our academic mentors provide effective video tutorials and demonstrations giving brief explanations about the different topics of the syllabus.

Assignments and mock tests

With the self-study sessions, CBSE Class 6 tasks and mock tests are led for testing the student’s degree of comprehension.

Understanding and covering entire syllabus

The subject topics are taught and discussed in detail along with clarity in concepts for a strong foundation of the pupil.

An organized study strategy

Our mentors are imperative to make a period table and carefully follow it. Your time table ought to contain the strategy for all the subjects and amendment.

No running batch is available on this course.