Comparison of Fractions
1.    Method for comparison of two fractions:

2.    Method for comparison of more than 2 fractions:
       1st  Step : Find the L.C.M. of denominator of all the given fractions.
       2nd Step : Convert all the given fractions into like fractions by dividing the L.C.M. with individual denominators and multiplying the result obtained with denominator and numerator, of each fractions.
       3rd Step : On comparison of numerator the fraction with smaller numerator is smaller fraction.


Operations on Fractions:
1.    Addition of fractions:
      Rule 1: In case of like fractions, add the numerators, keeping the denominator same.


     Rule 2: For unlike fractions, addition is done by first converting the fractions into like fractions and then adding. In practice, the addition of unlike fractions is done by using L.C.M.


   Rule 3: Two mixed numbers can be added by adding whole numbers and fractions separately.


2.    Subtraction of Fractions:
       Rules for subtraction of fractions is similar to that of addition 
    (i)    Like fractions are subtracted by finding the difference of numerators.


(ii)    Unlike fractions are converted to like fractions and then subtracted.