Animals can move from one place to another. This type of movement is called locomotion. 

•Why do Animals Move?
Animals move from place to place for the following reasons :
1.    In search of food and shelter.
2.   To protect themselves against adverse climate conditions or an unfavourable place.
3. To protect themselves against their predators and enemies.
4.    To find suitable partners for reproduction.

The hard parts of an animal body present inside or outside the body collectively form the skeletal system. Skeleton serves as the reservoir of many minerals, like calcium and phosphate.  The marrow of the long bones is the site for the haemopoiesis, i.e., formation of blood cells (RBC, WBC). The skeleton plays a vital role in movement and locomotion. Human skeleton consists of 206 pieces of bones. 

Do You Know : 
When we are born we have more than 306 bones in our bodies. By the time we are grown up, they are about 206. Many of the infant’s bones get joined together or fused.

• The act of moving from place to place is known as locomotion.It  involves the movement of the whole body, as in walking, running ,swimming or flying. Movement is the change in position of only a part of the body, as movement of stem towards light in plants.