Change is a permanent part of our lives. Many changes are taking place around us on their own. In the fields, the crops change from time to time. Somtime, leaves fall from trees, change colour and dry out. The flowers bloom and then wither away. 
Some changes happen in our body like our nails grow. our hair grows, we grow taller and our weight increases as we grow. 
A change could alter physical properties or chemical properties or both of the concerned matter. These changes may be observe by us at school, at home, in the playground in the garden or any other place. 
A change can bring about different kinds of effect in the things around us. Some of the effect brought about are permanent in nature, and hence, cannot be reversed. However, some effects are about in position, shape, size or state of the things. These effects are temporary in nature, and hence can be reversed. 
Hence a change can be defined as “an alteration in properties of matter, brought about by some cause”