Unit and Dimension

  • Fundamental Physical Quantities
  • Dimensions
  • Units and dimension


  • Errors

Vectors and Scalars

  • Vectors and scalars
  • Addition and subtraction of vectors

One dimensional motion

  • Kinematics
  • motion under gravity
  • Displacement, distance and velocity

Projectile motion

  • 1-D motion
  • Trajectory path of projectile

Relative Motion

  • Relative motion

Circular motion

  • Circular motion
  • Vertical circular motion

Law of motion and friction

  • Understanding of frictional force

Centre of mass and momentum

  • Centre of mass
  • Linear momentum

Work Power Energy

  • Work Done
  • Conservative and non conservative force


  • Newton's law of gravitation
  • Gravitational potential and kepler's law


  • Moment of inertia of a single particle
  • Uniform pure rolling

Properties matter and fluid mechanics

properties of matter

  • analysis report

Flow of Liquid

  • Flow of liquid
  • Pressure & Archimedes law
  • Atmospheric pressure

Fluid Mechaincs ( VISCOSITY)

  • Viscosity

Surface tension

  • Surface tension

Thermal Physics

Thermometry and thermal expansion

  • Thermometry
  • Platinum Resistance thermometer
  • Isotropic substance


  • Calorimetry


  • Thermodynamics system
  • The Second law of Thermodynamics

Kinetic theory of gases

  • Gases
  • Mean Free path

Heat Transfer

  • Heat transfer and Thermal conduction
  • Kirchhoff's law and Stefan's law


Simple harmonic motion

  • Motion
  • Simple pendulum and sprig pendulum
  • Concept of reduced mass
  • Energy and combination of springs

Progressive waves and speed of mechanical waves

  • transeverse waves
  • Laplaces's correction

Stationary waves and beats

  • Reflection of T-waves

Interference and organ pipe

  • Interference

Doppler's effect

  • Doppler's effect

Electrostatics and current electricity

Electric field and potential

  • Electric charge
  • Coulomb's law
  • Electric potential
  • Relation between electric field and potential

Gauss's law

  • Electric flux


  • Capacitor
  • Combination of capacitors

Current Electricity

  • Electric current
  • Combination of resistors

Thermal and chemical effect of current

  • Electric power


Moving charge in magnetic field

  • Natural magnet

Electromagnetic field


Force and Torque in magnetic field

  • Magnetic force on a current carrying condutor

Earth's magnetism

  • Bar Magnet
  • Ferromagnetic materials and Curie's law

Electromagnetic induction

  • Magnetic flux
  • Self and Mutual inductance

Alternating current circuits

  • Alternating current and voltage
  • Terminology and transformer

Wave optics


  • Review of light and electromegnetic spectrum
  • The motion of object and mirror

Refraction through plane surface

  • Refractive Index
  • Total Internal reflection (TIR)

Refraction through spherical surface

  • Refraction and thin lenses
  • Cutting of lens

Optical instruments

  • Human Eye, Microscope, Telescope

Interferences in Light

  • Interference and Polarization

Wave optics

  • Young's double slit experiment(YDSE)


Semi Conductor

  • Solids and Semiconductor
  • Semiconductors and properties

Transistors and Diode, Triode

  • P-N Junction Diode
  • Transistors
  • CE configurations
  • Diode and Triode

Logic Gates

  • Truth table and Boolean expression

Electromagnetic Wave

  • Electromagnetic Waves


  • Basic Communication system
  • Modulation

Modern Physics

Atomic physics and spectrum

  • Dual nature of electromagnetic waves
  • Ionisation energy

Photoelectric effect

  • Emission of elctron


  • Electromagnetic spectrum

Nuclear physics

  • Radioactivity


Organic Chemistry

Introduction to organic chemistry

  • Definition of organic chemistry
  • Purification and Element Analysis
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Empirical formula and molecular formula

Isomerism and reaction mechanism

  • Isomerism
  • Optical Isomerism and Reaction mechanism
  • Hyper conjugation
  • Nucleophilic substitution reaction


  • Hydrocarbon
  • Chemical properties
  • Chemical properties of Alkenes
  • Chemical properties of Alkynes
  • Directive influence of functional group in mono substituted benzene

Halogen compound

  • Halogen componds
  • Chemical properties

Alcohol Phenol Ether

  • Structure of Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers
  • Acidity and chemical properties
  • Phenol

Ketones and Aldehydes

  • Ketone and Aldehyde
  • Cannizzaro reaction
  • Gatterman aldehyde

Carboxylic acid and derivatives

  • Introduction and classification
  • Common reducing agents and their reactions

Nitrogen compounds

  • Amines
  • Aniline preparation
  • Cyanides and Isocyanides

Organic chemistry biomolecules

  • Introduction
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins

Polymers and chemistry in everyday life

  • Polymers
  • Chemistry in everyday life

Physical Chemistry

Some basic concepts of chemistry

  • Significant figures
  • Laws of chemical combinations

Atomic structure

  • Dalton's atomic theory
  • Rutherford model
  • Planck's Quantum theory
  • Bohr's of atom
  • Orbitals and quantum numbers

Periodic properties

  • Mendeleev's periodic table
  • Shielding effect
  • Ionization energy

Chemical bonding

  • Lewis structure
  • Covalent bond
  • Hydrogen bond
  • Bond angle
  • Rules to find hybridization and shape


Animal Kindom

Kingdom Animalia

  • Organization of Animal Body