What do we offer in JEE?

The live online classroom program of EduMple offers complete preparation for JEE 2022. It includes meticulous classroom, self-study, video on demand, and live online classes facilities for students. At EduMple we consider only expert teachers for JEE classes because we know that JEE exams are a good source for learning the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, and Math and moreover teach you skills such as priority/time/risk management and improve your determination and creativity. JEE is not just for getting admitted to a good college, it’s about how well you can adapt to a situation.

Important topics for an aspiring engineer

In Physics, you’ll get to learn about mechanisms as it is important for engineering. The next topics are Thermodynamics and then Modern Physics. The whole Physical Chemistry has a crucial role in the syllabus of JEE, not a single topic can be considered as not so important. Topics like Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Thermodynamics, Atomic Structure, and Chemical bonding are the base for an aspiring engineer. In Math for JEE, Calculus, Trigonometry and Vectors are important topics and so on. 

Benefits of E-learning method

With the E-learning program, students can learn more by watching classroom videos anywhere, and even if their schedule is tight they can decrease the no. of lectures. They don’t have to move to another city in search of good/senior teachers, with EduMple they can select their favorite teacher from any place. In some of the offline classes, the course is not completed on time, and before one or two months of the exam, they teach the last topic very fast, with EduMple this is not the problem because most of the videos are pre-recorded, so students can finish their course well before the exam, also in offline classes all subjects are often not balanced but through an E-learning platform like EduMple students have the choice to select all the senior teachers. 

Benefits of different modes of learning

Online live classes

  • Live online classes provide complete scheduled classes by experts, where students can enroll as per their needs.
  • A timetable is fixed by the instructor on the basis of which online classes are conducted.
  • The students are taught according to a systematic schedule and also in doubt clearing sessions, questions raised by students are clarified. It also gives the opportunity to students to discuss various topics with teachers.
  • To get a proper idea of how much a student is understanding and what are their weak areas, online tests are also conducted.
  • After the completion of the chapter in time and for a quick revision a complete study guide is also provided.

Video on demand

  • After the completion of all syllabus, students can also watch the recorded lectures for revision in their flexible timings.
  • With several Mock tests and evaluations, students get well prepared for the exams.
  • Our expert teachers also teach about several strategies and question patterns for a better understanding of students.
  • And the perfect blend of theory and practice encourages the interest of students in learning.

Self Study

  • With the self-study mode of learning, we provide the best study materials for students along with strategies and question patterns.
  • Also, assignments and Mock tests are taken to test the understanding of the student.
  • We make sure that all parts of the syllabus are well covered so that students won’t lack anywhere.
  • A complete personalized doubt clearing session is taken regarding all the issues students have.
  • Students can also watch the video tutorials with complete explanations.


  • The classroom mode provides the direct interaction session between students and mentors.
  • All the study materials are provided with a perfect combination of theory, problems, and guides.
  • The whole syllabus is covered by mentors with proper clarity.
  • To test the complete understanding of students' assignments Mock tests are regularly taken.