Sound is Produced by Vibrating Bodies


Sound helps us to communicate with one another and plays an important role in our life. The vibrating body produces sound.
What is sound?

  • A sound is a form of energy that is produced when air molecules vibrate in a particular pattern called waves. Hence, the sound is a wave.
  • Vibration can be described as a back and forth motion of an object.
  • Depending upon the vibrations, a sound is produced. Sound cannot be produced without any vibration.
Production of Sound through Vibrations
 Different instruments produce different sounds

Sound is important as it helps us to communicate with one another. A variety of sounds are generated in the surroundings.

Sound is Produced by a Vibrating Body:

Production of sound waves:-

  • Vibration: The back-and-forth motion of an object is called vibration.
  • A sound is produced by a vibrating body. The to and fro or back and forth motion of an object is termed as vibration.
  • Vibrating objects produce sound. Example: Sound is produced when a string or band is plucked.
  • The sounds are produced due to these vibrational energies.
  • As the amplitude of the sound waves is quite small, the vibrations are not visible. But it can be felt.
  • Sound or sound waves are generated or produced by different sources.
  • When a body vibrates, it produces sound in the surrounding medium.
  • The vibrations are transferred to the medium surrounding the sound source.
  • When the vibrations propagate away from the source, they form a sound wave.
  • The speed at which they moved is called the speed of sound.
  • In most cases, the amplitude of vibrations is so small that we cannot hear them. However, we can feel the vibrations if we come in contact with the vibrating body.


  • You can feel the vibrations of the diaphragm stretched over speakers.
  • A tightly stretched band when plucked, vibrates and produces sound.