Force due to without interaction between two objects is called non-contact force. For example; a magnet can pull an iron nail from a distance.

Magnetic force, Electrostatic force, and Gravitational force are examples of non-contact force.

(a) Magnetic Force

  • A magnet can exert a force on another magnet without being in contact with it.
  • The force exerted by a magnet is an example of a non-contact force.

Example: Opposite poles of two magnets attract each other and the same pole repel each other.

(b) Electrostatic Force

  • When a charged body exerts a force on another charged or uncharged body is called electrostatic force.
  • A positively charged body attracts a negatively charged body and repels a positively charged body without coming in contact, thus it is a non-contact force.

Example: A straw rubbed with paper attracts another straw.

  • The figure below shows Electrostatic force acting on bits of paper from a distance

Gravitational Force:

  • This force is exerted by the earth, moon, sun, and other planets to others.
  • Since, the earth attracts all objects even without coming in contact, thus the gravitational force is a non-contact force.
  • The force that pulls the objects towards the earth.
  • It is the force of attraction between the particles of matter.
  • For example – The falling of an apple from a tree

Example: When we release an object from a height, it falls over the ground because of the gravitational attraction of the earth.

Force Concept Map