Force: A Push or a Pull


Examples of Force
  • Actions like picking, opening, shutting, kicking, hitting, lifting, flicking, pushing, pulling are often used to describe certain tasks.
  • Each of these actions usually results in some kind of change in the motion of an object.

A push or pull on an object is called a Force.

Push: When an object is moving away from the applier of force.

Pull: When an object is moving towards the applier of force.

Force is a push or a pull that changes or tends to change the state of rest or of uniform motion, or direction of motion or the shape or size of a body. More push is required to move a heavy object in comparison to a lighter object.

Force:- A push or a pull on an object is called force. Force has both magnitude and direction. Force is any action that has the tendency to change the position, shape, or size of the object. The SI unit of force is the newton. The motion imparted to objects is due to the action of a force.

What causes the force to arise?

  • The interaction between two objects arises from the force.
  • Force includes gravity, friction and force applied on an object in order to move it. The force causes a change in the speed or direction of motion.
  • An object will either be in motion or at rest as a result of forces. If an object is at rest and remains at rest, the forces acting on it are said to be balanced. For it to begin moving, we must apply additional force.
  • When force is applied, two objects are involved: one that applies the force and one that receives it.
  • For example- A football placed on the ground is at rest position. For it to move in any direction, some force should be applied to the ball. In order to move the ball player can hit the ball.