Increasing and Reducing Friction

Increasing Friction

Sometimes we need to increase Friction so as to avoid slipping of objects, for Example:

  1. The sole of the shoes is grooved so that the Friction between our feet and ground increases and we can walk safely.
  2. The tyres are treaded so that they can have a better grip over the ground and allow the smooth movement of the vehicles.
  3. Brake pads are used in bikes to stop them suddenly from moving by increasing the amount of Friction.
  4. Kabaddi players rub their hands with soil which helps in increasing the Friction between the hands and allows them to have an easy grip on the opponent.
  5. Gymnasts also apply a coarse substance so that they can have a better grip due to increased Friction in their hands.
 Increasing Friction

Friction is desirable in many situations. Friction is necessary for us. Therefore, Friction is increased to accomplish some important tasks. for example:

  • Treaded tyres of vehicles increase friction. A vehicle with treaded tyres provides more friction which gives a better grip on the road.
  • Kabaddi players rub their hands with soil for a better grip on their opponents.
  • Soles of shoes and tyres are treaded to increase friction. This provides a better grip on the ground.
  • Friction is increased by using brake pads in the brake system of bicycles and automobiles. These pads arrest the motion of the rim due to friction.
  • Gymnasts apply some coarse substances on their hands to increase friction for better grip.
  • Javelin's thrower rubs some powder on his palm to get a better grip on the javelin.
  • Soles of shoes are treaded to increase friction between the sole and the ground.

Reduction of Friction

Friction is reduced in order to increase efficiency. When a few drops of oil are poured on the hinges of a door, the door moves smoothly.

Examples: Oil, grease, or graphite.

In Some cases, friction is not desirable. We need to reduce it. Make sure that the interlocking of irregularities is avoided to a great extent and movement becomes smooth.

The substance which helps to reduce friction is called Lubricants. It makes a thin layer over the surface and facilitates smooth movement.


  • In the engines of vehicles use of lubricants increases the efficiency as parts are not rubbed directly at each other because of a thin layer of lubricant.
  • In many machines, graphite powder, oil, grease are used as lubricants for reducing friction.
  • The powder is sprinkled over the carrom board to decrease the friction between the board’s surface and the striker. In this way, the surface of the carrom board becomes smooth.
  • Grease is used in bicycles and other motors or different parts of a machine to reduce Friction and increase their efficiency.
  • Oil is applied on the hinges of the door so that they can move easily.
Decreasing Friction
  • Applying substances like oil, grease or powder allows for smooth movement as they block the irregularities of a surface. The substances that can reduce the amount of Friction between different objects are called lubricants. However, we can never reduce Friction to a level of zero. There are always some irregularities present on the surface.