Friction is a necessary evil because it is both harmful and beneficial effects in everyday life.

Friction is necessary. Without friction -

▪ No moving object can stop.

▪ No building can be constructed.

▪ We will not be able to write with pen or paper.

▪ We will not be able to walk.

Friction is evil because:

  • Friction wears out the materials whether they are screws, ball bearings, or sole of shoes.
  • Friction produces heat causing wastage of energy in machines.
  • Friction causes moving objects to stop or slow down.


  • Soles of shoes have grooves on them. Grooved soles provide more friction to the ground which gives better grip when we walk.
  • We can walk easily because the ground offers friction. So, friction is necessary even in a simple task like walking.
  • It is a difficult task to move on a wet muddy track or wet marble floor. This is because these surfaces offer very small friction to the surface of the feet of a person.