Care of the Eyes

How to take care of the eyes?

  1. One should go for a regular eye check-up.
  2. Wear spectacles if the eyesight is found weak.
  3. Always study or watch TV in sufficient light. Excess or insufficient light can lead to problems. Insufficient light can cause strain and leads to a headache.
  4. Do not look at the sharp source of light like the sun directly. Excess of light can damage the eyes.
  5. If dust enters into the eye one should not rub them and rather wash them straight away.
  6. Maintain a normal distance while reading or watching TV.
  7. Take a balanced diet to ensure that you get the right nutrients.

What Is Night Blindness?

Night blindness also called nyctalopia is a defect in the vision in which people cannot view things properly in dim light or at night. It mainly occurs due to the lack of vitamin A in our body. Hence we should always take foods that are rich in vitamin A such as broccoli, green vegetables, carrot, milk, eggs, curd, papaya, mango, etc.