Inverse proportions

Introduction to inverse proportion

Inverse proportion: As one amount increases, another amount decreases at the same rate or as one amount decreases, another amount increases at the same rate is known as inverse proportion.

The symbol for "Inverse proportion" is 1/α


Therefore speed and time are in inverse proportion.

Inverse proportion

Now, in this condition, are the number of pits, and the number of workers is in direct proportion?

If your answer is NO, that is correct. Because when the number of workers is increasing, the days are decreasing accordingly at the same rate.

Now we say that these quantities are in inverse proportion.

Find out the values of Y2, Y3 and Y4?

Step 1

Let's consider that X1 and Y1 are in 1 series, X2 and X3 are in 2 series and so on.

If  X1, X2 and Y1 values are given using these values, we can find out Y2.

Step 2

Similarly to find Y3 value first, you have to make sure that you know the values of  X2, X3 and Y2.

If you don't know that you have to find out that unknown value using previous series values.

After that using the 3 variables X2, X3 and Y2, we can find out the value of  Y3.

Step 3

Now we know the value of Y3 then using X3, X4 and Y3 values we can calculate the value of Y4.

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