Volume of cube, cubiod and cylinder

Volume of a cuboid and a cube

 A cuboid is a rectangular solid with six rectangular faces. It also has three dimensions, namely length, breadth, and height.

The product of all three dimensions of a cuboid is its volume.

Therefore, The volume of a cuboid=Length×Breadth×Height.

It can also be written as The volume of a cuboid=Area of the base×Breadth.

[Since, Area of the base=Length×Height]

The volume of a cubeIn a cube, all sides are equal.

The volume of a cube can be derived from the formula to find the volume of a cuboid.

The volume of a cuboid=Length×Breadth×Height

Since all sides in a cube are equal, we should substitute Length in the place of Breadth and Height.

Thus, The volume of a cube=Length×Length×Length=(Length)3

Volume of a cylinder

A cylinder has two dimensions, namely radius and height.

The volume of a cylinder=The area of the base×Height


[Since the base of a cylinder is a circle, the area of the base=πr2]

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