The process by which green plant prepare their food in the presence of sunlight, (Carbondioxide)CO2 , water, chlorophyll.

          There are four requirement for photosynthesis.
(A)    Sunlight:- It comes from sun & provide energy for photosynthesis.
(B)    Carbon dioxide (CO2):- It is obtained from air and taken through tiny pores called stomata present on the under surface of leaves.
(C)    Chlorophyll:- The chlorophyll is present in the chloroplast. Chloroplast regarded as Kitchen of cell and present in Green leaves.
•    Besides chlorophyll cetain other pigments are also present in plants like :
    (a) Carotenes : Organe in colour e.g. Carrot.   
    (b) Xanthophylls : Orange yellow in colour e.g. Maize.
    (c) Phycobilins : Different colours like red, violet e.g., Blue-green algae, brown algae etc.
    (D) Water (H2O):- They are obtained from the soil by the roots of plants and are transported to the leaves.
    Plants have Vascular tissues called Xylem & Phloem.
    (i) Xylem transport water and minerals to the leaves.
    (ii) Phloem transport food (Sucrose) to various part of plant.