Different pasts of different groups

Pasts has always been different for different groups of people. The way of leading life differed from person to person and places to places. Like the lives of ordinary folks like fisherman, herders, Farmers had been different from the kings and the Queens. But we know a great deal about the lives of kingly class compared to the lives of the ordinary ones. The reason been the kingly class recorded their every deeds for the people to know. While such was not the case with the ordinary ones. However the archaeologists play a keen role in excavating the truth, however, many facts still remains uncovered.

What do dates mean?

Dates and years that we write today are counted after the birth of Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the founder of the faith , Christianity. For an example, the year 2022 means it has been 2022 years to the birth of Jesus Christ. All the dates before the birth of Christ was term as BC ( Before Christ) and were counted backwards. The term BC is added after the dates. While the dates and years counted after the birth of Christ were termed as AD ( Anno Domini) and always written before the dates.

These days CE and BCE is most commonly used in place of AD and BC respectively. CE is common era while BCE is Before common era. However. Christian Era is most commonly used in most of the countries.


AD : Anno Domini

  • The present date generally assigned to the birth of JESUS CHRIST, the founder of CHRISTIANITY.
  • The dates after the birth of Lord  CHRIST
  • Basically represent as AD, stands for two Latin words – Anno and Domini
  • AD means 'in the year of Lord'(i.e. Christ)
  • Means years started with the birth of Lord Christ
  • When we say year 2000, it states that the time span of two thousand years after the birth of Lord.

BC: BEFORE CHRIST                                    

  • All the dates before the birth of Christ are counted backwards and usually have the letters BC, means Before Christ.
  • If we are talking about 200 BC, then we have to add 200 years with the current year i.e.2022.
  • It means we are talking about the story of (200+2022) 2222 years ago.
  • Sometimes CE is used instead of AD and BCE and BP instead of BC.
  • CE stands for Common Era.
  • BCE stands for Before Common Era.
  • BP stands for Before Present.
  • Most of the countries of the world now using Christian Era and calendar used widely is The Gregorian Calendar.
  • We began using this form dating from about two hundred years ago in India.