Knowing about the past

In every day life , we need to know many about many things that has some relevance in the past. Nowadays Internet has answers to all the questions, no matter how old it may be. But still few questions remain unanswered , especially if they have relevance from any cultural taboos. In such cases, we consult and ask our grand parents or old people who must have lived those eras.

However, there are many options available these days that would intimidate you about the past, or what must have happened yesterday, a week back, an year ago, or few years back. Media plays a very important role in these regard like newspaper, television, radio, etc.


People may be curious to know how people used to eat in the past, where the early people lived, what they used to wear when the civilization had just started. They want to know about the production and cultivation , about the farmers and herders, about the occupation, about the businesses, the craftsman, the merchant class. How and what children learnt, schools they attended, games they played, music they heard and so on.

Where did people live in the past?

People first started settling in and around River Narmada. The people who settled there lead their lives as skilled Gatherers who spent their lives collecting fruits, farm produce, roots, nuts, etc. They were also skilled in hunting.

Along the hilly areas of the Sulaiman and the kirthar Hills, people started producing crops and Wheat and barley were among the first crops to be grown there. There were also skilled in rearing cattle, sheep, goats, etc. Rice were first grown along the Vindhyas.

Around 4700 years ago, cities started getting flourished along the banks of River Indus and it’s tributaries. Some 2500 years later, there were some city life development along the River Ganga.

Magadha, now in Bihar is known to be the bigger Kingdom which was developed along the coast of River Ganga.

People from various walks of lives travelled from one place to another, crossed hills, mountains seas. These movements of people lead to the advancement and enrichment of culture, education and other fields.


Study of History means knowing the past

There is a curiosity to know about the people who lived in our past- what they ate, the clothes they wore and the houses in which they lived.

Different groups of people lived differently- the way of their living was totally different as it can be seen through the lives of hunters, herders, farmers, rulers, merchants, priests, craft persons, artists, musicians, and scientists. Beside these we get to know in detail from the games, stories, plays and songs children played and enjoyed.

Altogether make the exact social structure of the past which changes through time to time .And  later on study as a history.