Life in a city

Around 150 years ago, railway lines were laid for the first time in Punjab. Engineers stumped on the site of Harappa in present day Pakistan. To them it was a place which delivered good quality bricks. So they carried thousands of bricks from the old site to lay down railway lines. These bricks were from the old buildings that were destroyed in Harappa.

Harappa was excavated around 80 years ago as the oldest city of the subcontinent. It was the first city to be excavated. So similar cities having similar building were described as Harappa.

Many of the cities were divided into 2 or more parts. The part in the west were smaller but higher called the citadel, while the parts in the east were bigger but lower called the lower Town. Walls of baked bricks were laid around each part. These baked bricks of so fine quality that they last very longer. These bricks were laid in interlocking pattern which made it more strong.

Special buildings were built on citadel. In Mohejodaro, special area called Great Bath was built. Bricks coated with plaster were built and was made water tight with the layer of natural tar. There were steps leading to it from both the sides. It also had changing rooms. Well water were inlaid inside it and we’re drained out after use. It was used for holy dip by great people on some great occassions.

Cities like kalibangan and lothal had fire alters where sacrifices were made. Mohejodaro, Harappa and lothal had store houses.

Many of the cities had covered drains. There were slopes for the easy flow of water into the drains. There were holes for cleaning purposes.

A Harappan city was a busy place.

People who planned the construction of special building were called the rulers. These rulers used to sent their people to distant lands to get special metals, ornaments or any other things that they wanted. Scribes were another important people who knew to read and write and prepare seals.

Craftpersons were people who made different types of things. Toys made of Terracotta were found.



  • Harappan city was a very busy place
  Harappan site
  • People involved-
      • Planned the construction of special buildings in the City.
      • Sent people to distant places to get metal, precious stones and other things for the construction.
      • Kept ornaments of gold and silver, or beautiful beads for themselves.

THE SCRIBES: People who knew how to write

  • Prepared the seals

  • Wrote on other materials but not survived


    • Making all kinds of things

  • Terracotta toys for children
    • Either in their own homes
    • Or in special workshops


    • Travelled distant lands
    • Returned with raw materials
    • With stories