Iron tools, Agriculture, Irrigation

Things made of iron and steel are a part of our lives even today. The use of iron began in the subcontinent some around 3000 years ago. In the previous chapters, you have read about the iron tools and weapons that were found in the megalithic burials. With time, the uses of the iron tools increased. The most important one is the iron axe, which is used to clear the forest and the iron plough shares. In the previous chapters you have also known about how the increased use of iron plough shares have helped in developing agriculture.

Irrigation practices

Along with the above mentioned tools, irrigation also played a key role in developing agriculture. Canals, tanks, wells, artificial lakes were the source of irrigation system. The stages in the planning of the agricultural practices are as follows:

  • Kings needed money for developing armies, forts, palaces.
  • They demanded money from the farmers.
  • Farmers have to increase production to pay taxes.
  • This is possible through irrigation.
  • Kings provide money and plan irrigation.
  • Labour was provided by the people
  • The production increased, so does the revenue.
  • Farmers were also benefitted with the increase crop production.