Natural Calamities
(a)    Drought : If it does not rain for a year or more at a place, the soil will lose its water by evaporation and becomes dry. Water will also be lost through transpiration process from the plants. Rivers, ponds and wells will dry and the water table would lower down. All this will affect the humans, animals and wild plants. If it continues for one or two years consecutively, it results into drought.
Consequences of drought : The result of drought may be no crops. The availability of food and fodder will decrease. The overall consequence of such a situation will lead to loss of life of humans and animals.
(b)    Flood : In case of continuous rains, the water level of rivers, lakes and ponds will rise. The soil surface will get laden with water resulting into flood.
Consequences of flood : When the soil gets too much of water, air in the soil comes out of it. Due to lack of air, the animals living inside the soil also come out of it. Heavy rainfall also results in the loss of crops due to flood.
Factors responsible for flood : A numbers of factors are responsible for flood. These factors can be intensity and duration of rainfall, soil condition and presence of plants or trees on the ground.