Freshwater: Water found in rivers, lakes, and ponds used for domestic and commercial purposes is called freshwater.

Irrigation: Watering crops by artificial means is called irrigation.

Potable water: Water fit for human consumption is called potable water.

Transpiration: The release of water vapour into the atmosphere through the leaves of plants is called transpiration.

Water cycle: The cyclic movement of water from the atmosphere to the Earth and back to the atmosphere through various processes is called the water cycle.

Drought: Abnormally long period of insufficient or no rainfall is called drought.

Famine: Lack of food in a region for a long period is called famine.

Flood: A condition when the ground becomes submerged under water, due to heavy rain and overflowing of rivers is called flood.

Epidemic: A disease affecting thousands of people at the same time is called an epidemic.

Dam: A structure built on a river to store and hold back water is called a dam.

Rainwater harvesting: The process of collecting and storing rainwater from roofs or a surface catchment is called rainwater harvesting.

Conservation of Water: Water management is the effective utilization of water or managing the water resources carefully.