Recycling Paper
    The best way of recycling paper is to use part of it at home and sell the rest to the kabadiwalla for recycling. Let us learn to make recycled paper.
    Steps involved in Recycling paper :
    •    Tear paper into small pieces."  
    •    Soak these pieces in water for a day."
    •    Make a thick paste and spread it on a net or sieve."
    •    Let water drain off completely.
    •    Use an old cloth or newspaper to remove the extra water from the paste and dry it."
    •    Use this paste to get beautiful patterns."

2. Non-biodegradable wastes
Non-biodegradable wastes are those which cannot be decomposed by the microorganisms into simpler substances. This type of waste is a matter of serious concern for all of us. Non-biodegradable waste, if not handled properly, causes pollution. Plastic, bags, buckets, plates, glass, metal scrap, industrial metallic waste, etc. are examples of non-biodegradable waste.

• Recycling of Non-biodegradable Waste
    •    Landfills
Landfill consists of a large low lying area which is used for solid waste disposal. Garbage collected from garbage dumps are loaded into trucks. These trucks are emptied in landfills. The dumping of garbage continues till landfills get completely full. It is then covered over with a layer of soil. After a landfill is full it can be converted into a park or a playground. The Indraprastha Park in New Delhi is built on a landfill.

    •    Incinerators
Incinerators totally burn away solid wastes and ashes are left behind. This method does not need water. Ashes are biodegradable and easy to dispose off. Generally, all municipal wastes are disposed off by this method.

  Think and Throw

 Questions to think upon while throwing garbage?

  • How much of garbage do you think, is thrown out by each house every day? You can make an estimate by using a bucket as a measure.
  • Use a 5-10 litre bucket to collect the garbage from your home for a few days. In how many days does the bucket become full?
  • You know the number of members in your family. If you find out the population of your city or town.
  • Can you now estimate the number of buckets of garbage that may be generated in a day in your city or town? We are generating mountains of garbage every day.