Recycling of Paper

  • Recycling is reusing waste materials that are discarded.
  • Recycling reduces the wastage of products and pollution.


You will require pieces of old newspapers, magazines, used envelopes, notebooks, or any other paper.

  • Do not use shiny, plastic coated paper. You will also need a frame fitted with a wire mesh or a net.
  • You can also use a large sized sieve in place of a frame. Tear the paper into small pieces.
  • Put them in a tub or a bucket and pour water in it. Let the pieces of paper remain submerged in water for a day.
  • Make a thick paste of paper by pounding it. Now, spread the wet paste on the wire mesh fixed to the frame.
  • Pat it gently to make the thickness of layer of the paste as uniform as possible. Wait till water drains off.
  • If required spread an old cloth or a sheet of newspaper on the paste to let it soak up the extra water.
  • Now, carefully remove the layer of paste from the frame, spread it on a sheet of newspaper in the sun.
  • Keep the corners of the newspaper sheet pressed by putting some weights so that these do not curl up.
  • You can add food colour, pieces of dry leaves or flower petals or pieces of colored paper in the paste before spreading it.

It would help you to get a recycled paper with beautiful patterns on it.

  • Recycling paper on a small scale is a relatively easy process.
  • We should always write on both sides of paper sheets.
  • Unused pages from old notebooks can be torn off and made into a new notebook for doing rough work and other miscellaneous work.
  • We can also reuse envelopes and covers by using stickers to write new addresses.
  • We can also make fresh paper from old newspapers.