Three states of Water
 Water can exist in all the three states-solid, liquid and gas.
(i)     Liquid state: The water that we use in everyday life is a liquid. It is called liquid state of water.
(ii)     Gaseous state: We have learnt that on heating, water evaporates to form its vapour. Water vapour is its gaseous state.
(iii)    Solid state: Water turns into ice on cooling. Ice is the solid form of water.
These three states of water are interconvertible to each other, that is, we can change it from one state to another.

Interchangeability of states of matter
            • Melting : Change of substance from solid state to liquid state.
            • Evaporation or boiling: Change of substance from liquid state to gaseous state.
            • Transpiration : It is the evaporation of water into the atmosphere from the leaves and stems of plants.
            • Condensation : Change of substance from gaseous state to liquid state.
            • Freezing or solidification: Change of substance from liquid state to solid state.