We saw that our food and clothes have so much variety in them. Not just food and clothes, there is such a vast variety of objects everywhere. We see around us, a chair, a bullock cart, a cycle, cooking utensils, books, clothes, toys, water, stones and many other objects. All these objects have different shapes, colours and uses.
All objects around us are made of one or more materials. These materials may be glass, metal, plastics, wood, cotton, paper, mud or soil.

AIM : To find out some common materials around us and their objects
Different types of objects that are made from the same material
    Material             Objects made of these materials                      
    Wood                Chair, table, plough, bullock cart and its wheels, ...
    Paper                Books, notebooks, newspaper, toys, calendars,...

Above table lists some common materials. We can also add more materials in Column 1 that are known. Now, try and think of everyday objects, that are made mainly of these materials, and list them in 
Column 2.
First, we grouped objects in many different ways. We then found that objects around us are made of different materials. At times, an object is made of a single material. An object could also be made of many materials. And then again, one material could be used for making many different objects.