Uses of Water 
    (i)     It is needed for drinking, bathing, washing, cleaning of vessels, toilets, flushing, etc. 
    (ii)     Our body contains about 70 percent of water. Therefore, water is essential for our life. 
    (iii)     Water helps animals and plants to cool. 
    (iv)     Water is essential for the germination of seeds.
    (v)     Water is required for irrigation of the crops.
    (vi)     Water is used to generate electricity.
    (vii)     Water wheel is used to run flour mills.
    (viii)     Water is used in many industries, like paper, rayon, petroleum refining, fertilizers, dyes, drugs and other chemical industries.
    (ix)     Water is used in car radiators to keep the engine cool.
    (x)     In cold countries, people use water to warm their houses.
    (xi)    Water is used to keep the things cool.


1.    Clouds : When water vapour goes up where temperature is low it gets condensed into tiny water droplets and forms clouds.
2.    Condensation : The process of conversion of vapour into liquid form of water is called condensation.
3.    Drought : A prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a shortage of water.
4.    Evaporation : Process of conversion of water into water vapour is called evaporation.
5.    Flood : In case of continuous rains for long time at a place, it will result into the rise in the water level of rivers, lakes and ponds. The soil surface will get laden with water resulting into flood.
6.    Groundwater : The groundwater is actually rainwater which mainly comes from seepage of water, accumulated under the ground.
7.    Hail :Sometimes during precipitation of water droplets, water freezes, and takes the form of hail
8.    Ocean : Ocean is the biggest body of water surrounding the globe.
9.    Rainwater harvesting : Rainwater harvesting is the activity of collection of rainwater by various means.
10.    Snow : It is the condition similar to the formation of hail.
11.    Water vapour : Water exists in three forms–solid, liquid and gas. Gaseous form of the water is called water vapour.
12.    Water cycle : The circulation of water through the process of evaporation and rain or snowfall.