Reflection Symmetry
If we draw a vertical line at the middle, the portions on either side of the line are identical. Similarly, in nature we find many flowers, leaves, etc., that have two identical sides if we draw a line through the middle of them.

Mirror  Symmetry
Reflection symmetry is the symmetry with respect to reflection. If a mirror is placed along the line at the middle, the half part of the figure reflects through the mirror creating the remaining identical half. In other words, the line where the mirror is placed divides the figure into two identical parts  they are of the same size and also every specific part on one side of the line will have its reflection exactly at the same distance on the other side. Thus, it is also known as mirror symmetry or mirror image symmetry.
Here is a picture showing the reflection of the English letter M. You can imagine that the mirror is invisible and can just see the letter M and its image.


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