Real number

Any number whose some values on real axis i.e x-axis are called real numbers. They are positive in side square root. They can must be represent on x-axis.

What are the important topics for 10th mathematics for board exams

If we divide the full math book the only 100-110 questions sufficient to cover all types of problems in your book , and by doing this much questions u able to secured more than 85 %in will take 15 day to cover whole math book each day's 2 hours.

Live kab start hogi

Live class 6 pm se 7 pm class 10 k liye and 7 to 8:30 class 12 k liye


Mathematics k liye 25 days sufficient hai , achhe se revision ho jayega


Mathematics ka basic strong karo , class 10 ka Math 15 days me complete ho jayega ….mai start karne ja rha hu 14 January se.


Class 12 ka physics  15 January se

What is reproduction

Creating similar types of species by some natural biological processes is called reproduction

Chemical substances how to make

Every thins made up with matter and that is made up with element , so any chemical substance made by contant ratio of two or more elements. They combination at atomic level and transfer or sharing of electron occurred During combination that is called chemical reaction ., This is the way of formation of chemical substance.

Do I need foundation if I want to clear NEET

Foundation is base which must be required for any competitive exams