Along y- axis  using



Along x-axis using





By this equation it can be prove that path of projectile is parabola








Projectile Motion when initial point and final point are at different level 

Case I Horizontal projection from certain height

Here angle of projection q = 0˚

In vertical Mirror






Time to strike ground in horizontal Mirror





Example: Which ball will strike the ground first

(a) Ball A          (c) Ball C

(b) Ball B         (d) All Balls will strike simultaneously






There fore all three Balls strike the ground simultaneously                      Answer (d)

Example: A jet fighter plane is flying at constant speed of 360 km/h and jet plane is moving horizontally at a height of 20 km from earth ‘s surface. Jet release a bomb to hit  a target on the ground, how much horizontal gap before jet will release the bomb


As discussed above using




Example: A stair case having each step 10 cm high and 20 cm wide.

If a ball drops in horizontal direction from the top step with 10 mt/sec

 in horizontal direction If ball strikes nth step of staire case find the n?







Now make a twist in above question

Every  data is same except velocity of ball, if initial velocity not given , and saying what will be minimum initial velocity in above question so that ball hits 50th step


Now x = 49 x 0.2 mt

h = 49 x 0.1 mt




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