CBSE Class 9 Self Study

The Relevance of Self-study program

Study materials for students

By effectively following the study materials alongside study system covering all possibilities of the schedule, students can score high marks.

Covering the whole syllabus

All prospects of the syllabus are taught in detail for a comprehensive understanding of the student. All chapters are taught in an organized manner to avoid the complexity of students while studying.

Organized Learning

Our study techniques are essential to make a scheduled approach towards it. The students can follow the methodology for all the subjects.

Sample Questions and Online Tests

With the sample tests and tasks conducted under the CBSE Class 9 course, scholars can test their level of understanding of the subject sections.

Doubts & Question Clarification

With the self-study plan of CBSE Class 9, students get the opportunity to rectify their doubts, questions, and issues relating to subjects.

Revision and Practice

The revision sessions offers the opportunity to educational educators to lead students towards practice test sets and revise the already taught sections.

No running batch is available on this course.