How classrooms are useful to students?

Direct interactive sessions

The classroom program by our platform enables direct class sessions of students by academic experts. With active sessions, students get a comprehensive source of knowledge from experts.

Study materials and notes

We proffer illustrative study materials for CBSE Class 7 scholars which comprise the entire syllabus and contain glossaries, definitions, theorems and so on. Study guides serve as a quick revision to students.

Organized study strategy

All the subjects are taught in an organized manner so that students keep track of all the chapters they learn. A proper associated way of learning and study strategy helps students in their learning experience.

Give assignments

The assignments are given to scholars after the close of subject topics. With the introduction to assignments, students get the opportunity to evaluate their understanding level and weaker sections.

Doubt clarification

The academic mentors proffer quality doubt clearing classes which enable students to confront their queries and resolutions on time. The students get solutions from teachers and learn in brief.

Easy and simple learning

The high-level learning procedures are followed with the usage of infographics, 2D and 3D Animation, PPTs, recordings, screen sharing and others so researchers think that it’s simple to learn.

No running batch is available on this course.