Reasons for choosing Classroom Experience in Edumple

Live Interactive classes

The live interactive classes, conducted by our experienced faculties on the CBSE Class 12 syllabus, students get a dynamic experience to deeply understand the topics.

Complete study schedule

The Classroom study plan has synthesized the best ever study schedule which not only let the students complete the syllabus on time but also revise them times and again.

Effective Study materials & guides

As the Class 12 exams are the main pillar of the students’ life, our faculties created study materials to guide them to reach the utmost peak of success comprising all the data they need actually.

Mock testss

Our faculties have prepared several mock tests for CBSE Class12 students covering the whole syllabus so that they can judge their accuracy and achievements side by side their study.

Doubt rectification

Doubt rectification is the specialty of CBSE Class12 Classroom course where our faculties clear the doubt of the students with utmost care and doubt they actually need.

Organized learning

Organized learning method helps the students read everything but systematically so that they can complete the whole syllabus on time and remember everything without messing them up.

No running batch is available on this course.