The Movement of Air: Winds

→ During the day, the direction of wind is from sea to land. This is because the air above the land
gets heated faster and starts rising.
→ During the night, the direction of wind is from land to sea. This is because at night, both land an
sea start to cool.
→ The movement of air from one region to the other creates winds.


→ Rain is formed by evaporation and condensation of water through water cycle in which
distribution of water takes place.
→ Rain is very important because it carries out all the agriculture processes in the plants.
→ So we should conserve rain by contracting dams, pools etc.

Acid Rain

→ When fossil fuels are burnt, gases like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are released.
→ These gases are dissolving in water form nitric acid and sulphuric acid.