Atomic Models

→ From the knowledge of existence of subatomic particles like electron, proton and neutron in

atom, various atomic models were proposed by different scientists.

• Some of the atomic models:

(i) Thomson’s Model of Atom

(ii) Rutherford’s Model of Atom

(iii) Bohr’s Model of Atom

→ The most trusted and scientifically established model of atom which is adopted these days

‘Quantum Mechanical Model of Atom’. It will be dealt in higher classes.

Thomson’s Atomic Model

→ This model is often called the ‘Water Melon Model’.

→ In this model, Thomson predicted the presence of electrons inside positive sphere (made up

protons), just same as seeds of watermelon are embedded in red edible part of watermelon.

→ Although this model explained neutrality of atom but couldn’t able to explain other scientific

experiments conducted on atom. Hence it was discarded.