→ Life on earth depends on resources like soil, water, air and energy from sun.
→ Uneven heating of air over land and water-bodies causes winds.
→ Evaporation of water from water-bodies and subsequent condensation give us rain.
→ Pollution of air, water and soil affect the quality of life.
→ We need to conserve our natural resources and use them in a sustainable manner.
→Various nutrients are used again and again in a cycle fashion. This leads to a certain balance
between the various components of the biosphere.

Natural Resources

→ The resources available on the earth and the energy from the sun are necessary to meet the
basic requirements of all life forms on the earth.
→ The stocks of nature which are useful to mankind are known as natural resources.
Examples: air, water, soil, minerals etc.

Resources on the earth

→ The outermost crust of the earth is called the lithosphere.
→ Water covers 75% of the earth’s surface. It is also found underground. These comprise the
→ The air that covers the whole of the earth like blanket is called the atmosphere.


→ All living things on earth together with atmosphere, the hydrosphere and the lithosphere intera
and make life possible is known as biosphere.

• It may be:
(i) Biotic components: Plants and animals.
(ii) Abiotic components: Air, water and soil.