Uses of Metals and Non-metals



As discussed above, metals are hard, malleable, ductile, and sonorous and are hence, can be used for:

  • Making machinery
  • Making automobiles, trains, and airplanes
  • Making cooking utensils and water boilers
  • Making industrial gadgets and satellites etc.

Non-metals also have several uses, such as:

  • Essential for life (such as oxygen)
  • Used as fertilizers (such as nitrogen and phosphorus)
  • Used to purify water (such as chlorine)
  • Applied on wounds as an antiseptic (such as purple-colored iodine solution)
  • Used in crackers (such as Sulphur)
  • Oxygen –required for breathing.
  • CO–needed for photosynthesis.
  • Nitrogen, Sulphur, Phosphorus –present in DNA, RNA; also used to make fertilizers for plants.
  • Carbon and hydrogen are the main elements in all biomolecules.