Communication is the process of conveying messages to others.With the development of technology humans have deviced new and fast modes of communication.The advancement in the field of communication has brought about an information revolution in the world. Different modes of communication are used to provide information, to educate as well as to entertain. Newspaper, radio and television are called mass media, as they can communicate with a large number of people.


Communication satellite

The satellites have made communication even faster.Satellites have helped in oil exploration, survey of forest, underground water, mineral wealth, weather forecast and disaster warning. Wireless telephonic communications through cellular phones have become very popular today.


We can send electronic mail or email through Internet.Internet not only provides us with worldwide information and interaction, but has also made our lives more comfortable.We can also reserve tickets for railways, airways and even cinemas and hotels sitting at home. With this kind of inter connectivity of people, service and institutions- across the world, we are a large global society.

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