Sexual reproduction

Humans reproduce sexually by the fusion of sperm with the egg (ovum) to produce a zygote called fertilization. Fertilization is the crucial stage of sexual reproduction. Without fertilization, sexual reproduction will not be complete.

Sexual Reproduction in Plants

Plants that reproduce sexually have sex parts which we know as flowers. The process of reproduction involves the fusion of male gametes, namely, pollen with the female gamete, also known as ovules. This fusion results in the formation of a zygote and an endosperm nucleus, which grow into seeds and fruits respectively.

Sexual Reproduction in Animals

Among the different modes of reproduction in animals, sexual reproduction is the most common one. Most animals reproduce sexually, though in a variety of different ways.

Sexual reproduction in animals involves the union of a haploid sperm and a haploid egg to form a diploid zygote, which shares its DNA with both the parent cells.